Wedelia (Creeping Oxeye)

Scientific Name -
Wedelia trilobata (L.) A. S. Hitchc.
Family - Compositae

Creeping perennial, rooting at the nodes or sometimes with shallow rhizomes. Flowering branches erect, simple. Leaves opposite, three-nerved, lance-shaped to rhombic to oval, tapering at both ends, with very short petioles. Leaf margins with large teeth and often with a pair of lobes near the middle of the blade. Flowers yellow, in heads on long stalks from axils of leaves near the tip of the branch. Seeds bumpy and with a crown of scales at the tip. Reproduces by seed and stem fragments. Found in disturbed areas, especially in lawns and gardens, occasionally in pinelands. Occurs in peninsula of Florida. Also found in the West Indies, Central and South America, and Tropical Africa.