Creeping Beggarweed

Scientific Name - Desmodium incanum DC.
[Desmodium canum(J. F. Gmel) Schinz & Thellung]
Family - Leguminosae

Perennial from a large taproot with many, long, extensively branched runners which root at nodes. Leaves with three leaflets; leaflets quite variable as to size, elliptic, pointed at tip, rounded at base, hairy. Stems ascending to erect, hairy. Flowers pink to rose. Fruit with six to eight rounded segments which are straight across the back when hooked together. Segments break apart easily when ripe and attach to clothing or hair. Reproduces by seed, stolons, and broken taproots. Occurs in turf, open woods, and disturbed areas. Found throughout Florida and in southern Texas. Also found in the West Indies, Mexico, Central and South America, Galapagos Islands, and Tropical Africa.