Jamaica Feverplant ( Punctureweed, Burnut, Puncturevine)

Scientific Name - Tribulus cistoides L.
Family - Zygophyllaceae

Prostrate summer annual with several stems radiating out from a single central crown. Leaves opposite, pinnately compound. Leaflets of each leaf even numbered, with some leaflets smaller than others. Stems and leaves with silky hairs. Large, yellow five-petaled flowers on stalks over .8 inch (2cm) in length. Fruit a spiny bur. Reproduces by seed and cut or broken stems. Found in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Texas. Also found in the West Indies, Mexico, Central and South America, Hawaii, Guam, Australia, Asia, and west Tropical Africa. Puncturevine is similar but flowers on stalks less than .4 inch (1 cm) in length.