Sugarcane Beetle: An emerging Insect Pest in Georgia Turfgrass

Clint Waltz, Shimat Joseph, and Will Hudson
University of Georgia



Identifying and Control of Rhizoctonia Large Patch in Georgia 

Alfredo Martinez-Espinoza, Elizabeth Little, Time Daly, & Brian Vermeer, University of Georgia.


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Nanobubble technology may improve soil health, sustainability in the turfgrass industry
UGA researchers are testing the benefits of irrigating turfgrass with nanobubble-infused water.
Avoid transplant shock by planting trees and shrubs in the cooler months
Fall- and winter-planted trees and shrubs can more quickly become established in their new environment while they are dormant, giving them far more resilience during their first summer.
Plant breeders at UGA, UF work together to toughen up turf
While the universities play out their rivalry on the field, the plant breeders behind the turf at UGA and UF go way back.