American Burnweed (Fireweed)

Scientific Name -
Erechtites hieraciifolia (L.) Raf. ex DC.
Family - Compositae

Robust annual with solid, erect, smooth to hairy stems. Leaves elliptic to lance-shaped with narrow, sharp-pointed bases on lower part of stem and clasping bases on upper part of stem. Leaf margins lobes or unlobed, always very unevenly toothed. Flowers white, in elongate heads. Seeds with many white hairs at the top. Reproduces by seed. Found in almost any disturbed area such as pastures and roadsides. Occurs from Maine, Minnesota, and South Dakota, south throughout the eastern, central, and southern states, and Oregon and Hawaii. Also found in Newfoundland, Quebec, the West Indies, Mexico south through Central America, South America, and Asia