Zoysia matrella & Zoysia japonica                                                                                 

A medium to fine perennial that spreads by short rhizomes and stolons. Develops into a desirable turf in warm areas but turns brown with frost in cooler areas. Nearly always planted vegetatively. Grown as far north as Connecticut west to Nebraska and then California. Performs best in hot dry areas.

Identifying Characteristics

  • Stolons: Present
  • Rhizomes: Present
  • Leaves: Rolled in the bud
  • Ligule: A fringe of hairs
  • Collar: Medium, covered with long hairs
  • Auricles: Absent
  • Sheaths: Absent
  • Blades: Short, sharp pointed
  • Seedhead: In the form of a weak spike, spikelets alternate on two sides
  • Spikelets: Blunt at the base, round and tapering to a joint


  • Mowing Height: 0.5 to 2 inches
  • Establishment: Seed (some cultivars), Sod, Sprigs
  • Fertilization: 2 to 5 lbs/1000ft2/Year
  • Adaptation: Statewide

Zoysiagrass Front

Zoysiagrass Back

Tolerance Table