Tall Fescue

Festuca arundinacea                                                                             

A coarse, dark green Perennial. Develops into a durable, coarse turf in thick stands but can form objectionable clumps in fine bladed grasses. Grows from California eastward through the mid-South and across the northern United States.

Identifying Characteristics

  • Stolons: Absent
  • Rhizomes: Absent
  • Leaves: Rolled in the bud
  • Ligule: Membranous, short
  • Collar: Broad, continuous
  • Auricles: Absent
  • Sheaths: Not compressed, reddish-pink
  • Blades: Flat, strongly veined above, rough along the edges, sharp pointed
  • Seedhead: An erect, somewhat compressed panicle
  • Spikelets: Containing 6 to 8 seeds


  • Mowing Height: 2 to 3 inches
  • Establishment: Seed, Sod


Tall Fescue Front


Tall Fescue Back



Tolerance Table