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After four long years we are excited to bring back the UGA Turfgrass Research Field Day!

Wedneday, August 3rd, 2022


Whether you're a golf course superintendent, a homeowner who wants the perfect lawn, or anyone in between, there'll be something for you.

Come and get the latest information on how to care for your lawn or your golf course from UGA researchers and extension specialists. Field day includes such topics as controlling turf insects like mole crickets and white grubs and turf pests like crabgrass and other turf weeds.

There is always an excellent BBQ lunch followed by displays and demonstrations of the latest turfgrass industry equipment.

While you're enjoying learning about what's new in turfgrass, don't forget to sign up for your CEU's! We have applied for credits in TN, NC, and FL, while already being approved for credits in GA, AL, and SC.



8:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.         REGISTRATION

8:50 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.         INTRODUCTION - Welcome – Clint Waltz, UGA Griffin Campus Welcome – David Buntin

9:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.        GUIDED RESEARCH TOUR

  1. Research Facilities Enhancement — Henry
  2. Water Requirements for Turfgrasses with Improved Drought Performance — Jespersen
  3. Refreshment stop
  4. Evaluation of Mowing Frequency for Lawn Health and Performance — Waltz
  5. Sustainably Managing Turfgrass Diseases with Nanobubble Technology and Biofungicides -  Bahri  and Turf Disease Management: Fungicide Round-up — A. Martinez-Espinoza
  6. Updates on Fall Armyworm and Rhodesgrass Mealybug Research in Turfgrass — Joseph
  7. Role of Pollinators in Centipedegrass — Joseph
  8. Evaluation of Fall Herbicide Programs for Annual Bluegrass Control in Bermudagrass -  McCullough
  9. Development of Recommendations for an Herbicide-Resistant Turfgrass System — Raymer
  10. Computer Vision-Based Weed Mapping — Zhang


11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.        LUNCH

1:15 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.         SELF-GUIDED RESEARCH TOUR

  1. Sustainably Managing Dollar Spot with UV-C Light Technology — Bahri
  2. Past, Present, and Future of Golf Course Putting Greens Grasses from Tifton - — B. Schwartz
  3. Problem Weed Control and New Turfgrass Herbicides — McCullough
  4. Water Efficiency Improvements in Warm-Season Turfgrasses — Waltz
  5. Turfgrass Response to Shaded Conditions — Raymer
  6. Diagnosing Turfgrass Disease — Martinez-Espinoza
  7. Graduate Student Research — Students and Jespersen
  8. Extension in Urban Ag — Huber